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Operation Xmas Jammies

Spreading Holiday Cheer One Pair of Jammies at a Time

How It All Began: 

Operation Xmas Jammies was started by the Schmidt family with a simple mission to provide a pair of jammies to children with Pallister-Killian syndrome (PKS) at Christmas-time.  Their inspiration came from their son, Andrew, who was diagnosed with PKS at the age of 5.  PKS is a rare genetic condition with less than 500 others diagnosed throughout the world.  Their family found that during the holidays, it can be challenging for others to know what gifts to give as children with PKS often don’t know how to play with toys as other children would.  As a way to spread awareness and cheer during the holidays, Nicole Schmidt began a “Giving Tree”.  


The Giving Tree began as a way for their community to visually see other beautiful children with PKS and make their holiday brighter by giving a gift Nicole knew all children would love, a pair of jammies.  Their small community began to sponsor hundreds of children with PKS across the world and have given over 400 pairs of jammies across 17 countries.  This small, but sweet token of kindness became so well received for all participants that it inspired their live giving tree to go virtual, a name for this mission called Operation Xmas Jammies.  This mission has fostered relationships, built community, and has inspired the Schmidt family to expand their passion to create awareness for other rare genetic conditions through their new non-profit organization, Project 12-04.  Make someone’s day just a little bit brighter and harness the spirit of giving by sponsoring a Xmas jammie gift box this holiday season. 


How It Works

Fostering conversations in the community...

Why it Matters

Operation Xmas Jammies will continue to engage with special children and their families across the United States.  Each year, we want to recognize more children with rare genetic disorders to share their stories with new people, new communities, and new friends.


Those who participate in sponsoring a Xmas Jammie Gift Box for a special child will receive information about that child such as a cute photo, what their rare disorder is, what makes them unique, and what they enjoy.  The children and families receiving the Xmas Jammie Gift Box will not only get a curated gift, but will also have the opportunity to engage with Project 12-04, their local communities, and other families who may have similar stories.  Our hope is that Operation XMas Jammies fosters conversations about what it is like to have a child with unique needs, what the needs of the family are, and how a community can help.  This in return strengthens the community we live in or maybe provides support from afar while creating awareness about children with rare genetic disorders.

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5FDF4A73-E5A2-4DBB-9373-96F3B25A172E 2_edited.jpg

The More the Merrier

Last year, we fulfilled over 220 gift requests for some pretty amazing kiddos.  

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