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Project 12-04 is hitting the podcast airwaves!

Learn of our story on Mint. podcast airing today June 28th!

Project 12-04 has us growing in all kinds of directions these days!! Our most recent venture includes being the guest speaker on a podcast of a former basketball player, and friend, from Becker. Aminta Geisler started a non-profit called RAM or Reckless Abandon Ministries, where she feeds bellies and feeds souls of the youth! I had reached out to her in hopes of learning some tips in the non-profit world, as well as thinking of the prospects of having our own podcast! She was so gracious inviting me to share our story, as it alined with her project as driven.

Aminta was always the one to have all the things going....absolutely stunning, gifted with writing, story telling, athletics and a great eye for decor. Although all of those traits are admirable, Aminta's most impressive gift is her heart for the Lord and her drive to help others. Her ministry is all encompassing for the youth where it isn't rare for her to have 70+ teenagers in her home at 7:00 am for a hearty warm breakfast, while also sharing that God loves them, they are cared for, and they are not alone. How cool is that??

God continues to have His hand in our mission. Project 12-04 continues to help us grow in ways we otherwise would not be. We are filling our hearts with all the things and meeting others along the way. I feel so privileged to be on this journey. As of today, Mint. listeners will be hearing all about the rare world we live in, and hoping to spread the love for other families like ours.

Go to to learn more about Reckless Abandon Ministries.


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