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Talking with co-founder Billy Price of BILLY's Footwear

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

So, this just happened... I was just a guest speaker for Billys Footwear Open Book, with "the" Billy himself!! I received an email some time back after I had sent an inquiry through the BILLY's Footwear website to see if they would like to somehow help Project 12-04 by serving our 12-04 families. Little did I know Billy would be the one to write me back! We had the privilege of talking with about a month ago, who shared with me the story of his accident at the age of 19 that left him a quadriplegic. He obviously had not planned this for his future, but he learned to lean into his new ways of living, and eventually created Billy's Footwear out of a desire to put his own shoes on. A shoe that hits both function and style, not always common in this world! His business sells shoes all over the world and can now be found at Target! (We both talked about how important it is to have cool matter the disability or need!) I felt instantly connected with Billy and as a result, Billy invited me to be on his Open Book to share our mission and who we are. There is something about meeting others who have a similar story, and just connecting on our level that is pretty awesome.

If you have a minute, take a listen. Feeling on cloud 9, not just to find a new friend, but to help create awareness for our rare families who could use a little help once in a while.

Click on the link and and receive 10% off your shoes while 5% goes back to Project 12-04!!

BILLY Footwear Affiliate Link:


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