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Project 12-04 starts local support group!

We are so excited to provide another platform to make a difference. I can honestly say, I have never attended a support group. I either was not connected to do so, didn't have the interest, or the energy to listen to someone else who couldn't change my situation, and we lived in a small rural town who didn't have "many of us". Call that arrogant or ignorant but it was the place I was. Fast forward 17 years, and I crave to know others like me. Not just other PKS moms, but others on a different, yet similar journey. To think we should have to do this all alone, know all the tools to navigate the challenging turns and twists of raising a very special child, is too much. I believe we need to lean on one another, share our struggles, our triumphs and for those coming up the ranks, hold their hands when needed.

Project 12-04 is not only changing my life, but it is opening up my world. Opening up my heart for the change ahead. Embracing the unknown. Facing my fears, exposing vulnerability. Learning to lean on others who want to help. Sharing why we do need support. Quite frankly, this is kinda hard. It's a hard we have grown accustomed to.....we get quite comfortable, until we aren't.

If you are local to our area in Becker, Big Lake, Monticello, Elk River, St Michael/Albertville, St Cloud and you have a special needs child, find us on Facebook. It is a private forum for only us parents or caregivers who specifically care for a unique child.

With love,

Nicole Schmidt Founder|President Project 12-04


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