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Special Needs Dads deserve the world!!!

Parenting is hard. Period. You add the medically complex equation into the life you thought would be ball and football games but instead, it’s therapies and frequent trips to the doctors. Date days after an appointment at your favorite Whole Food food court that can handle wheelchairs and a louder child. It’s date nights in as you have limited caregivers. It’s not the fancy boats or cars but instead that handicap vehicle with the ramp so we can all get from A to B. Many sacrifices financially, or with friendships, career advances, being used to coming in 2nd, as the needs of a medically fragile child always comes first. The list of sacrifices are endless. Life has so many twists and turns and who knew that this would prove to bring us the greatest joy? This instability is not suggested- but when life wasn’t perfect, we learned to work together. Become a real team. Pursuing meaningful and purposeful days and phasing out the rest has been learned in the processs. Choosing joy is a real thing. My partner has been our glue at home for those of us to pursue dreams,study, start a non profit:), or focus on just being a family. For the fathers out there who are doing this with us… deserve the world!! For now, enjoy your favorite beer, a round of golf, or the simplest of pleasures. We have learned, this is happiness. The little things . Happy Fathers Day!


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